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OSHA makes penalty adjustments – increased penalties to be levied

On January 23, 2019, OSHA increased the minimum and maximum penalty amounts for a violation. The maximum fines are now as follows:

This marks the fourth consecutive year of increase, with the change in 2019 being +2.52%. OSHA is permitted to make yearly adjustments to account for inflation and has elected to do so for the last three years following a large adjustment for 2016. The adjustment in 2016 was the largest to date, and increased penalties by 78% after 26 adjustment-free years.

OSHA’s penalties can be expensive and damaging, but they can be avoided by being proactive and ensuring compliance. The OSH Act of 1970 places responsibility on the employer to provide a safe and healthful workplace for employees. Do you have questions or concerns about your OSHA compliance?  Contact one of our safety professionals for a free consultation.