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OSHA 101: Basic OSHA Compliance Audits

Do you have questions or concerns about the compliance of your current health and safety program? Are you worried you don’t have the budget for health and safety compliance services? Or maybe you don’t have a safety program at all.

You are not alone. Many companies struggle to stay afloat. Sadly, keeping up with compliance can feel like just another bill.

However, safety is an investment — not an expense. For a fraction of the cost of an OSHA violation, Texas Safety Professionals can conduct a full assessment of your programs and facilities to ensure basic OSHA compliance.

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Full Service Occupational Health and Safety Program Management

In a perfect world, every organization would have a full-time Safety Director and dedicated support staff. In most cases, this is neither practical nor affordable. Safety Directors juggle several other roles and responsibilities, and many times, safety duties are delegated to under qualified staff. Texas Safety Professionals fills this void with a dedicated safety professional who can act as a loyal member of your team.

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Ad Hoc Safety and Compliance Services

For companies that require certain health and safety compliance services rather than an entire program assessment, we offer individuals services on an as needed basis.

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