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Using OSHA regulations as our guideline, a TSP consultants conduct basic OSHA compliance audits for your location(s) and provide recommendations for identified corrective actions. Knowing the rules is one thing but following them is what matters.

Our OSHA compliance audits will not only address weaknesses in your program but will also point out any strengths to use as a baseline for improvement. TSP consultants can offer a fresh set of eyes and pinpoint any inefficiencies seasoned staff may have grown accustomed to or overlooked. Taking the initiative to identify potential problems before they become actual problems not only provides a safer workplace for your employees, but it also proves your commitment to improving employee morale and productivity.

The Process for Basic OSHA Compliance Audits

  • Initial Consultation – In an open
    discussion with your team, a TSP consultant will review your
    current health and safety programs, identify areas of
    concern, and assess current hazards in your workplace.
  • Facility Inspection – A consultant will
    define the site inspection scope and conduct the
    walkthrough, noting positive and negative findings across
    all applicable OSHA regulations.
  • Written Document Review – All written
    health and safety programs (such as training materials and
    training records, OSHA 300 logs, incident investigations,
    Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), etc.) will be
  • Written Assessment and Presentation – The
    consultant will complete a final assessment and generate a
    report documenting all findings, including corrective action
    recommendations, and will present it to your team. This
    written assessment may be used to guide and grow your health
    and safety program now and in the future.

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